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AOC, Clearly HD

AOC is a leader of HD display technology for Monitors, TVs and Multi-functional Displays backed by over 60 years of design and manufacturing experience. AOC has earned a reputation for selling user-friendly, technologically advanced displays with every aspect of AOC’s business focusing on the development of products that fit seamlessly into consumers’ digital lifestyle.

AOC’s Gamer Certified (GC Series) displays allow you to immerse yourself in games the way their designers intended. GC Series displays offer brilliant design and performance with industry leading 2 ms response times, dynamic contrast ratio control and gaming modes for the ultimate gaming experience. You won’t miss a beat as every visual element comes alive with crisp graphic detail, high contrast ratios and no ghostly images slowing down the action.

AOC GC Series, Clearly How Games are Meant to be Played.

Learn more at www.gamercertified.com


AOC provides businesses and individuals the opportunity to own the latest in digital display technologies that boast cutting edge performance and innovative styling. Through an extensive, award winning distribution network and competitive pricing AOC, offers their products to a broad range of consumers around the world.

We make our solutions affordable, but our customers determine their worth. They understand that value is a function of quality, performance, and support over time. And they know investing in AOC is investing in total overall value. Our products have earned national recognition for their quality, performance and affordability, including awards from PCSTATS.com, PC World, and CRN.

Through intensive market research and an open dialogue with our customers, we design products that extend the ways HD displays are being utilized, creating new categories for a more comprehensive multi-media experience. Our customers appreciate our responsiveness, innovation and straight forward approach to doing business.

In return, we provide timely solutions that are indispensable additions to the workplace or home, and we back every product with liberal warranties and service options.

By staying close to the manufacturing source, we can give our customers firsthand expertise. All of our displays are built to uncompromising quality standards.

AOC is based in Fremont California and Miami Florida, with access to superior distribution channels serving more than 50 ports in all of the Americas.


AOC provides award winning technology that stretches the limits of HD display technology. We know value comes from superior quality, intuitive usability, and long-term performance. To deliver the right product at the right time, we stay close to market demand and customer expectations. We make our monitors easy to use, affordably priced, and fully supported. We supply them to a global distribution network and make our resellers our business partners. We want an investment in AOC to be an investment in uncompromising value.

Being a successful brand in today’s electronics market is only possible if three primary facets of your business are in place: Quality and technologically advanced products, comprehensive distribution channels, and the ability to fill a need in your consumers lives. At AOC we look at more than how consumers and businesses use display technology, we look into how they would like to use display technology and develop innovative products designed specifically to cater to their needs. Whether looking for a full HD TV, business monitor, a monitor for HD gaming, or a multi-functional display for streaming video without the use of a PC, our product line and distribution channel allows people around the world to enjoy our award winning technology, style and service.



Environmental Impact

A company, no matter how large or small, cannot function without keeping in mind the impact its products and services have on the environment and communities that sustain their business.

AOC stands as a seasoned corporation that understands the importance of creating products that fit into the digital lifestyles of today’s consumers, but does so by creating packaging out of recyclable material and engineering products that consume less power than ever before. Today’s advances in technology allow for the manufacturing of incredibly powerful, crystal clear and thin displays that consume only a fraction of the power their much bulkier and fuzzier counterparts once consumed. 

AOC is leading the way in developing environmentally friendly product materials, while still keeping its promise to consumers that products baring the AOC brand will be of the highest quality in both performance and design.

“Advances in display technology should not be setbacks for our environment. We take great pride in offering Energy Star certified products and launching new technologies, such as our ultra-thin WLED displays, that offer improved performance, while requiring fewer materials for development and less energy for use.”


The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) is a system based on IEEE 1680 - 2006 environmental performance standard to evaluate how green the electronic products are. Currently, EPEAT covers desktop computers, notebooks, and monitors.
Recognizing the environmental impacts become growingly essential, both purchasers and manufacturers are seeking for standard environmental rules to define a green product. EPEAT meets the needs of both parties. With its standard criteria, purchasers can compare products while manufacturers know how to get green with their products design. The products with EPEAT logo are considered as green product for reducing the environmental impact. Under The Federal Acquisition Regulations, all Federal agencies must purchase at least 95% EPEAT-registered products in all relevant electronic product categories.
For more information about EPEAT, please visit: epeat.net.
For details of AOC products winning EPEAT awards, please click here

As part of the EPEAT Gold standard, AOC provides free recycling of the card board and foam filler packaging materials to institutional customers. For information on how to recycle your packaging materials, please refer to the following contacts:

OEM Recycling Solutions
Tel. (760) 212-8303

AOC Green Packing

Every AOC monitor is manufactured to meet the most stringent green standards; in addition, the packaging of AOC monitors is also developed with those same standards in mind. One such standard is the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive.
About AOC Monitor’s Packaging Recycling Program In order to conserve natural resources and minimize landfill usage, we ask you to please recycle your monitor carton and filler materials properly. If you are not able to dispose of the packaging material in an appropriate recycling facility, AOC monitor will recycle the foam filler material and cardboard carton of your packaging for you. For information on how to recycle your packaging materials, please refer to the following contacts:

About Packaging and Packing Waste Directive In 1994, The Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (Directive 94/62/EC) was inacted. According to the Directive, packaging material should meet the standard of minimum weight and volume to ensure safety and customer acceptance including concentration levels of lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and mercury which are not exceeded limits in packaging or packaging components. Any material used for containing, protecting, handling, delivery and presentation of any type of goods is considered as packaging material.

An amendment to the directive was introduced in 2004, adding new requirements for packaging waste reuse (a minimum of 60% of packaging waste must be recovered for further use) and energy recycling (55%~80% of all packaging waste must be recycled).

AOC Product Recycling

Maryland’s Statewide Electronics Recycling Program requires that a recycling takeback program approved by the Maryland Department of the Environment must be free, including contact information, to Maryland customers. This includes a free shipping container, if requested, by the customer. Through DNA Group, Envision Peripherals offers a mail-back program that meets the recycling requirements of Maryland law.

In addition, for applicable devices, a manufacturer must provide instructions for the safe wiping of data from devices prior to their return. Please see this link for information


For information on how to have your device recycled, please visit the following DNA Group web pages at:


Tel: 800-362-9608

State of Missouri Recycling

For information on how to have your AOC products recycled in Missouri, please visit the DNA Group website:


New Jersey
State of New Jersey Recycling

For information on how to have your AOC products recycled in New Jersey, please visit the DNA Group website:

New York
State of New York Recycling

For information on how to have your AOC products recycled in New York, please visit the DNA Group website:

North Carolina
State of North Carolina Recycling

The North Carolina Discarded Computer Equipment and Television Management Law (Session Law 2010-67) was enacted on July 1, 2010. AOC offers a mail-back program that meets the recycling requirements of North Carolina.

To find out more about how to recycle your products in North Carolina, please visit our North Carolina recycling website.
State of Texas Recycling

Envision Peripherals Inc., manufacturer of AOC & Envision brands of computer monitors, is pleased to announce the implementation of its mail-back recycling program. This program is free and is available exclusively to consumers and home business owners in the State of Texas.

This program has been created to comply with the State of Texas’ new law requiring manufacturers to offer consumers and home business owners a convenient way to recycle used and un-wanted computer equipment. For more information about the law, please visit the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s website at http://www.tceq.state.tx.us/p2/recycle/electronics/computer-recycling.html.

To request recycling service, please go the DNA Group website:

Virginia's Computer Recovery and Recycling Act was signed into law and goes into effect on July 1, 2009. The law requires manufacturers to provide Virginia household consumers with free and reasonably convenient collection, re-use and recycling opportunities for certain devices. The program will accept the following devices, covered under the Virginia law.

The list of Envision Peripherals, Inc. owned brands of monitors is as follows.

As part of Virginia's Computer Recovery and Recycling Act, manufacturers are required to post annual recovery program reports on their websites. Envision Peripherals, Inc. annual reports are provided below, indicated by program year.

To find out more how to recycle your AOC and Envision products in Virginia, please visit: www.mrmrecycling.com/collection_va.htm


Work at AOC

To compete in the global market, we focus on attracting the best talent and offer a corporate culture where everyone can excel.

select a country below to find careers in your area.


Email resumes to epihr@epius.com or fax to (510) 933-3783.

Please include Job Title in the subject line when submitting resumes.

No Positions Available for Canada at this Time

Email resumes to epihr@epius.com or fax to (510) 933-3783.

Please include Job Title in the subject line when submitting resumes.

Financial Analyst (1 Position)
Job Description: :
  • Prepare, review and distribute monthly reports on economic trends, competitors, and industry; monitor and analyze fundamental economic, industry, business and corporate developments, including Key Performance Indicators (KPI); use financial analyses to generate reports relating to OEM products revenue, AOC & Philips brand marketing expenses, and inventory values; evaluate current and historical financial data and performance for all products including Monitors, TVs, Tablets, Phones and Digital Displays; prepare AR overdue, site expense and inventory aging analysis report for corporate consolidation; provide financial models and forecasts via charts, graphs, spreadsheets in technical reports to inform CFO and management on company’s potential investment decisions.
Job Requirements: :
  • Master’s degree in finance, accounting, or related field.
Supply Chain Specialist
Location :
  • Doral, FL
Summary :
  • We are seeking a qualified Supply Chain Specialist to support our Latin America division. This position will report directly to the Supply Chain Manager of NOLA and responsible to provide Order Fulfillment services as well as support to Sales. The position shall oversees NOLA’s site inventory and OTW tracking. He/she will also responsible for demand and fulfill support and Sales data / information analysis.
Key Responsibilities :
  • Responsible for NOLA inventory and OTW checking daily base.
  • Manage and coordinate inventory on hand (and available) for all NOLA sites.
  • Coordinate integration of delivery leads of OTW on shipments to inventory sites.
  • Responsible for ensuring sales price list are in accordance to internal sales price with credit Dept. for that month.
  • Control and report monthly to supervisor any and all unfulfilled orders due to product shortage/credit hold.
  • Responsible for following up on correct release of goods to clients by Warehouses, and prompt posting of invoices to Dynamics (upon confirmation of customer pick up of products).
  • Controls and reports to Manager, Inventory availability for sales.
  • Responsible for month-end un-posted sales reconciliation. Special oversight on Panama and Colombia sales transactions.
  • Responsible for creating DOA models in clients Dynamics profile and control safety inventory level.
Job Requirements :
  • Min 2 year of Logistic/Fulfill/ billing experience
  • Bachelor degree in Business/International Business/ Supply Chain management / Accounting or related field
  • Fluent in English and Spanish (written and spoken). Mandarin/Cantonese (a plus)
  • Strong financial/analytical skills. Strong Excel user
  • Provide exceptional customer experience
Director, Channel Sales
Location :
  • Fremont, CA
Summary :
  • We are seeking a qualified individual to lead our channel sales team for AOC and Philips Monitors across North America. This position will report directly to the General Manager of North America and will be responsible for developing and leading a team tasked with growing the North American market share for AOC and Philips Monitors within commercial B2B, non-retail and non-.com markets.
Key Responsibilities :
  • Maintain contact with key markets and customers, while maximizing potential volume.
  • Develop and implement both short-term and strategic plans for increasing monitor market share at key accounts.
  • Provide sales advice and guidance to sales force to promote and ensure overall sales effectiveness.
  • Coordinate with the Marketing and Sales departments in the execution of sales objectives, strategies, and promotional programs.
  • Develop and provide forecasting and pipeline reporting.
  • Develop, forecast and monitor budget and utilize operational resources.
  • Other duties as assigned.
Job Requirements :
  • 5-10 years of sales leadership experience in IT Hardware.
  • Team player with ability to work and collaborate effectively with all parties involved in order to maximize results.
  • Experience in strategic planning, execution, and P&L management.
  • Excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills and a demonstrated talent for sales required.
  • Strong and existing relationships with top distributors and key VAR, channel partners.
  • Extensive knowledge of B2B-specificically with sales and marketing processes in Consumer Electronics market, e.g. Pro A/V.
  • Travel 50% or greater.
Channel Marketing Manager
Location :
  • Fremont, CA
Summary :
  • Requirements include 5+ years of experience creating and executing marketing account level and national marketing campaign & programs. Understanding across multiple marketing disciplines with a strong attention to detail and deep understanding of marketing B2B products through channel partner
Key Responsibilities :
  • Develop channel marketing strategies for B2B channels and key accounts with the goal of building brand awareness and ensuring maximum channel partner successes in marketing and selling of company products.
  • Create marketing programs to broaden our reseller base, recruit channel partners for vertical markets, and increase reseller engagement.
  • Lead product launch process for B2B products; partner with product management and sales for market strategy.
  • Collaborate with Sales team to design marketing plan(s) for our channel partners.
  • Conduct account level reviews that outline performance & investment recap, based on both Return on Investment and Rate of Investment.
  • Analyze POS at the channel and account level, develop action plans to increase velocity on a SKU.
  • Develop and execute channel marketing strategy and communications.
  • Create, deliver, and measure integrated marketing programs to include: channel programs, collateral, branding, messaging, and promotions.
Job Requirements :
  • Minimum 5 years channel related marketing experience, computer hardware experience preferred.
  • Strong copywriting and editing skills preferred
  • Track record of creating and delivering fully integrated, measureable marketing programs
  • Excellent at giving presentations to large groups.
  • In-depth knowledge of PowerPoint, and standard office programs and equipment.
  • Must be able to travel domestically up to 20%.
Fulfillment Specialist (Full-Time)
Summary :
  • We are seeking a qualified individual to fill the Fulfillment Specialist position. This is a full-time regular position located in Fremont, CA corporate offices and will report to the Sr. Fulfillment / Logistics and Warehouse Manager.
Responsibilities :
  • Manage customer order processing to fulfill purchases
  • CRA issuing and management
  • Provide customer invoices and other documentation needed in sales process
  • Maintain and provide weekly Sales and Inventory reports
  • Provide weekly sales reports to Tech Data, Sales team and HQ
  • Timely customer communication to monitor order processing flows and collaboratively respond to potential delivery or product availability problems
  • Maintain good communications with customers, operations team, 3PL and company’s sales teams, and management
  • Work with 3rd party warehouse and company internal logistics to ensure customer’s requirements are met and orders get shipped accordingly
  • Work with sales teams on getting and confirming customer’s order forecasts
  • Assume customer order fulfillment duties for other channels when needed as backup to other employee(s)
  • Dispute and follow up with customer’s non-compliance charges as needed
  • Other assignments as requested by management
Job Requirements :
  • 2+ years’ experience in order fulfillment and inventory control
  • Knowledge of EDI and Microsoft Dynamics GP helpful
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to interact with all levels of management internally
  • Ability to multi- task and flexible to work independently or with a team
  • Ability to prioritize and perform tasks efficiently under pressure of time constraint and follow-through to completion
  • Detail-Oriented with good analytical skills
  • Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication


Select a country below to find service centers in your area.

  • 45a West Wilmot St.
    Richmond Hill ONT L4K 1B1

    Phone: 1-888-838-6388
United States
  • AOC Brand Sales Headquarters
  • 47490 Seabridge Drive
    Fremont, CA 94538

    Phone: 1-888-838-6388

  • AOC Sales Field Office
  • 33533 W. 12 Mile Rd. STE 170
    Farmington Hills, MI 48331

    Phone: 1-888-838-6388