AOC is a leader of HD display technology for Monitors, TVs and Multi-functional Displays backed by over 60 years of design and manufacturing experience. AOC has earned a reputation for selling user-friendly, technologically advanced displays with every aspect of AOC’s business focusing on the development of products that fit seamlessly into consumers’ digital lifestyle.

AOC, Clearly HD.

About AOC Gamer Certified:
AOC’s Gamer Certified (GC Series) displays allow you to immerse yourself in games the way their designers intended. GC Series displays offer brilliant design and performance with industry leading 2 ms response times, dynamic contrast ratio control and gaming modes for the ultimate gaming experience. You won’t miss a beat as every visual element comes alive with crisp graphic detail, high contrast ratios and no ghostly images slowing down the action.

AOC GC Series, Clearly How Games are Meant to be Played.

Learn more at www.gamercertified.com.


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"AOC is dedicated to developing products that fit into the digital lifestyles of today's consumers, leading the way in performance, design and value."

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