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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My monitor will not power up.

A: Please check the power outlet from the wall, check the power cord connections, check if there is a power switch behind the unit (toggle switch), pressed or touched firmly the power button for 2 seconds. It could be a defective power cord.

Q: There is no display.

A: Please check the video cable connections, check the input source button, it could be a defective video cable.

Q: Where can I find the drivers?

A: Please check your Video Graphics Card driver first, we recommend the Plug and Play driver updates from Microsoft Windows for the monitor, the monitor driver is already programmed inside the EDID. Apple Mac does not need any driver.

Q: My USB monitor does not work.

A: Please install the USB driver for Mac or PC from Display Link.com
Re-start the computer after driver installation, and hook the USB monitor once the desktop screen is up.

Q: The screen does not look right

A: Try the RESET function in the Menu, please make sure you are running proper resolutions and refresh rates you can visit the AOC website for the monitor specifications.

Q: My monitor doesn't turn on.

A: Certain monitors have a dedicated on/off switch. Please check if your monitor has one and if not, please contact our technical support team for trouble shooting assistance.

Q: What cable should I use? VGA?

A: VGA is a common connector but utilizes a much older technology. For the best high definition signal, we recommend that users use DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort. What you choose will depend greatly on the available ports on your motherboard and/or graphics card.