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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions

Q: USB monitor is not turning on: (Models E1659fwu(x), E1759fwu(x), I1601fwu(x))

A: What is required? This plug and play monitor requires three things.

A. The Original cable without any type of adapters powering the monitor. (If the driver is installed try switching out the USB port to another port on your device. Alternatively you can also use a splitter/extender to connect both USB headers.

B. USB host controller/ Driver (please refer to your motherboard computer manufacture for drivers)

C. The newest driver from Display link installed. (Required after updating operating system)
Please check your systems operating system version before downloading and installing the driver. You may be able to download the required drivers using the links below:

1.Select operating system
2. Select which version of operating system and install the version accordingly.

Please make sure your AOC device is unplugged in the process of installing the driver. Once installed please reboot your device after installation. Once downloaded and installed you may now plug in the monitor. If you’re still having any issues with the monitor, please make sure that the monitor is being powered correctly by plugging in BOTH USB headers.

Q: My screen looks fuzzy or doesn’t look “right” / Distortion / Panel Issues

A: You may receive broken/distorted images due to a defective cable. Disconnect the video cable and make sure there are no bent/broken/burnt pins.

A. Make sure you’re currently using the monitors “native” resolution. If you don’t know please
refer to your user’s manual.

B. Monitors input source should always be digital if possible. It is better to use (display port, HDMI, and DVI as a video connection). VGA is analog so it may look more “fuzzy” than others.

C. Try using the OSD reset (On-Screen-Display) RESET function. Refer to User manual on how-to.

D. If the refresh rate is not properly set the monitor may have a wavy image/lines going down or
across. (refer to your user manual and graphics card manual to set the best refresh rate hz)

Q: No display after turning monitor ON / I am receiving No Signal

A: Please note that we are able to only troubleshoot computers that are NOT using any adapters.

A. What Video connections are you using? Have you tried using the video inpurts?

B. Are you able to test this monitor with another computer? Or Vice Versa.

C. Replace other identical video cable (VGA/HDMI/DisplayPort/DVI) to cross-test.
You want to eliminate the issue of a faulty cable.

D. If no power light (Green/Blue/Orange/Red) are present, double check your adapters

If above steps didn’t solve the problem, please contact AOC Customer Service.

Q: Why is half of my screen is brighter than the other?

A: DCB (Dynamic Contrast Brightness) Demo is enabled. To disable:
1. Press the menu button on the monitor
2. Navigate to Color Setup and press the menu / ok button to access the sub-menu
3. Navigate to DCB Demo and toggle the selection to Off and press the menu / ok button to confirm

Q: Why is there a white rectangle in the corner of my screen?

A: Bright Frame is enabled. To disable:
1. Press the menu button on the monitor
2. Navigate to Picture Boost and press the menu / ok button to access the sub-menu
3. Navigate to Bright Frame and toggle the selection to off and press the menu / ok button to confirm

Q: Where can I find the drivers?

A: Please check your Video Graphics Card driver first, we recommend the Plug and Play driver updates from Microsoft Windows for the monitor, the monitor driver is already programmed inside the EDID. Apple Mac does not need any driver.

Q: There is nothing being displayed on my monitor.

A: Please check the video cable connections, check the input source button, it could be a defective video cable.

Q: My monitor doesn't turn on.

A: Certain monitors have a dedicated on/off switch. Please check if your monitor has one and if not, please contact our technical support team for trouble shooting assistance.

Q: My monitor will not power up.

A: Please check the power outlet from the wall, check the power cord connections, check if there is a power switch behind the unit (toggle switch), pressed or touched firmly the power button for 2 seconds. It could be a defective power cord.

Q: What cable should I use? VGA?

A: VGA is a common connector but utilizes a much older technology. For the best high definition signal, we recommend that users use DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort. What you choose will depend greatly on the available ports on your motherboard and/or graphics card.