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    July 25, 2021

    AOC Gaming's Re-Spawned Warranty (US)

    Welcome to the world of AOC Gaming, where your gaming monitor is protected for up to four years from defects, accidental damage, or even a single dead pixel.

    Simply re-spawn, and well send you a new monitor right away.


    All premium AGON monitors are now covered by the AOC Re-Spawned Warranty for 4-years from purchase date. AOC Gaming monitors (G-Series) are covered for 3-years from purchase date. Applicable to AGON and AOC Gaming (G-Series) monitors sold in US and Canada on or after January 1 2019.


    If even one pixel on your AGON or AOC Gaming monitor is dead or "bright," we will send you a replacement monitor - right away.


    Replacement monitors will ship out shortly after the claim is made, without waiting to receive the old monitor.


    Accidents happen, and we will cover a replacement monitor for you when they do. This coverage can be used one time, for a period of up to one year.

    What does accidental damage coverage do?

    Covers all accidental damage including monitors falling on the floor, acts of God, or even nuclear war. One incident covered, for up to 1-year from the date of the purchase.



    Here's a breakdown of our warranty programs:

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