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Get your monitor in the optimum position easily with AS110's mechanical gas-spring arm

Изящный и прочный кронштейн с пневматической пружиной AS110 представляет великолепное эргономичное решение для вашего монитора с поддержкой VESA (75 мм или 100 мм). Освободите свой стол с помощью встроенной системы контроля кабелей. Поддерживает мониторы размером до 27 дюймов и весом до 9 кг и предлагает высоту 320 мм, растяжение 325 мм, угол наклона -45°/60°, угол поворота -90°/90° и диапазон поворота 360° для повышенной гибкости. Доступен черного цвета.

Vesa Connection

Any monitor equipped with a VESA mounting grid (100x100 or 75x75) can easily be attached to the monitor arm. The VESA mounting system is a widely used solution that many monitors are equipped with. Four screws hold the monitor securely to the mount, by its centre of gravity.

Vesa Connection

Swivel & Tilt

Some monitor stands come with a limited tilt and swivel range. Using a monitor arm increases your monitor’s range of motion dramatically: You can tilt the monitor in a wide range so it points upwards or downwards for the optimal viewing angle. The integrated swivel enables you to turn the display horizontally.

Swivel & Tilt Swivel & Tilt
C-lamp or Grommet Mount

C-lamp or Grommet Mount

Choose between Grommet or C-lamp mount to sit the monitor arm firmly on your desk.

Cable Management

Cable Management

Using the detachable covers on the monitor arm, simply push through your cables inside the pre-allocated routes in the monitor arm. After fitting both power and display cables inside, close the covers and experience a tidy desk with neatly organised connections. Cables are kept in place even when moving the display or turning it into portrait mode.

Mechanical Gas Spring System

Mechanical Gas Spring System

Smooth motion in extension, retraction, or changing orientation. The precise mechanical gas-spring allows easy adjustment with just a firm hand move, and the monitor stays sturdily in its adjusted position. Easily adjust it anytime to get the most ergonomic position. Spring tension is adjustable for lighter/heavier monitors for easy movement and firmness.

Specifications and possibilities

Product information

Design type arm Ergonomic Type
Interior structure Metal spring
Material arm Aluminium Alloy
Vesa compatability arms Vesa 75 x 75 mm, Vesa 100 x 100 mm
Adjustable height range 320 mm
Tilt range - 45 ⁰~+ 60 ⁰
Swivel range - 90 ⁰~+ 90 ⁰
Stretch range 265 mm~325 mm
Pivot range 360 ⁰
Maximum monitor size 27 Inch



Whats in the box





Dimensions 410x280120 mm
Net weight excl package kg 2.4 Kg
Gross weight incl package kg 3 Kg


EAN 4038986636728


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