AGON AG241QX, G2590FX Now G-SYNC Compatible

AOC Adaptive-Sync gaming monitors, AGON AG241QX and G2590FX, now officially G-SYNC compatible with NVIDIA GTX 10 Series and RTX 20 Series graphics cards.

If you own a G2590FX or AG241GX monitor, you can enjoy the benefits of stutter and tear free gaming performance, even if you are running an NVIDIA GPU graphics card. By simply downloading and installing the latest drivers from NVIDIA, G-SYNC will automatically be enabled for your monitor.

Many gaming PCs are powered by NVIDIA GPUs. These two AOC monitors now provide excellent gaming performance with those PCs as well as those not equipped with NVIDIA powered graphics cards.

NVIDIA recently implemented G-SYNC compatibility with selective Adaptive-Sync monitors. The selection process by NVIDIA is critically stringent and out of the 400+ Adaptive-Sync monitors they have tested, only a dozen have passed the test to become eligible for the G-SYNC compatible program.

NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible program means that the certified monitors such as AOC G2590FX and AGON AG241QX meet the highest requirements for variable refresh rate, and do NOT exhibit “blanking, pulsing, flickering, ghosting, or other artifacts.”

Other AOC Adaptive-Sync monitors such as the AGON AG271QX, AGON AG273QCX, AGON AG322QC4, and AGON AG352UCG6 will work with NVIDIA graphics cards as well but require manual configuration of the NVIDIA drivers.

AOC Adaptive-Sync monitors that are also certified G-SYNC compatible:


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