Mobile professionals rejoice, the new USB-C portable monitor is here: AOC I1601FWUX


Fremont, California, April 2, 2018 – AOC has been the #1 provider of portable monitors for mobile professionals for years. Now with the introduction of its latest USB-C portable monitor, I1601FWUX, road warriors can now enjoy the same high-quality imagery they expect from an AOC monitor, in a more portable and easier to use package.


The I1601FWUX has an USB-C connection allowing for power and video connections all through one cable reversible cable, simplifying your setup, making it faster and easier to use with your USB-C enabled laptops. While providing a Full HD display on an IPS panel, the I1601FWUX delivers vivid imagery with wide viewing angles so people around the monitors can all enjoy the monitor at the same time. The flexible cover stand and auto-pivot function ensures that this portable monitor sets up easily in all situations whether in the portrait or landscape orientation.


The choice of mobile professionals, AOC has been leading the portable monitor segment with proven reliability and enhanced productivity. In a recent implementation of AOC portable monitors in the field by one of the largest accounting firm in San Francisco Bay area, DHZ Phillips, attributes 25% of its productivity increase in the field to this adoption.

AOC I1601FWUX and other portable monitors are available at, and various other resellers. Suggested retail pricing is $199 USD.

About AOC

Nothing affects your computing experience more than the monitor you see the world through. Rated the most reliable monitor brand in 2017 by PC Magazine, AOC provides meticulously crafted display solutions for gaming, business, and the home.