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High Refresh Rate

The refresh rate indicates how many frames a screen can display per second. With models going up to a lightning-fast 240 Hertz, gamers are guaranteed to never miss out on the action when choosing AOC. More frames, more frags.

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AOC’s curved gaming monitors create a whole new level of immersion, allowing you to fully dive into your favourite games. Curved screens create less distortion compared to traditional flat designs, resulting in a more convenient experience.

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Ultrawide Screens

AOC’s ultrawide AGON gaming screens raise the bar when it comes to immersive gameplay. Due to high refresh rates paired with advanced sync solutions, their additional screen space creates gaming experiences unlike anything you have played on before.

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Big Gaming Screens

At AOC, we aim to supply the ideal monitor for whatever situation a gamer finds themselves in. Keep it real with the 27” flat or secure yourself some more of that precious screen space with huge displays that range all the way up to the massive 35” curved and feature resolutions from Full HD up to ultra-sharp UHD. Grab the perfect fit for your favorite games and enjoy more space and pixels than ever.

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AMD’s FreeSync technology provides a fluid gaming experience and eliminates tearing effects for AMD graphics card users. By synchronizing FPS numbers with your monitor’s refresh rate, FreeSync allows for a smooth gaming experience especially in fast-paced games.

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NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology guarantees smooth and fluid gameplay even when frames per second drop below a certain threshold, by eliminating stuttering and distortion. By aligning your graphics card’s FPS numbers with the refresh rate of your monitor, G-SYNC delivers steady performance whenever your system can’t.

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