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Клавиатура с защитой от эффекта двоения, механическими ощущениями и радужной подсветкой

Отличная клавиатура нужна независимо от того, в какие игры вы играете. Выбрав клавиатуру GK200, вы откроете для себя все ее преимущества: защиту от эффекта двоения для 25 клавиш, что позволяет регистрировать до 25 нажатий одновременно. Нажатия будут безупречно реализованы в игре, механическим ощущениям клавиатуры. Влагозащищенный корпус GK200 оснащен классической радужной светодиодной подсветкой и упором для запястья, что делает комфортными даже длительные игровые сессии.


The GK200 features mechanical feeling keys. The usual rubber domes of membrane keyboards have been upgraded with tactile sliders. This makes them superior to classic, rather squishy membrane keys: The keypress becomes more responsive and its snappy performance gives youfeeling similar to mechanical keyboards.

Rollover & Anti-ghosting

Rollover & Anti-ghosting

Gaming action can become quite heated and fast-paced, requiring you to give a lot of input in a short amount of time. The 25-key rollover guarantees that your keyboard can register up to 25 simultaneous keystrokes. But if you press several keys at once, there is the risk of adjacent keys being unintentionally hit as well. Anti-ghosting prevents accidental keystrokes and makes sure that only your actual commands get registered.

Rainbow RGB

Rainbow RGB

Great performance and high responsiveness are essential to keyboards but being visually pleasing is the icing on the cake. Rainbow RGB backlight lets your keyboard glow up and creates the typical gaming ambience.

Wrist rest plastic integrated

We all know that intense games can go well over 30 minutes. The integrated wrist rest supports you during lengthy gaming session and highly increases your comfort, no matter how long your raids last.

Wrist rest plastic integrated

Drivers and Software


Download the G-Tools software for your gaming accessories here. Download

Specifications and possibilities

Product information

Size Full size
Switch Type Membrane Mechanical Feeling
Switch Keypresses Lifetime TBC
Programmable Keys No
Macro Keys No
Media Controls 1
Rollover 25-keys
Anti-Ghosting 25-keys
Polling Rate 1000Hz, 1ms
Illumination 16.8 million colours
On Board Memory No
Top Cover Material Metallic cover
USB Pass-through No
Wrist Rest Detachable, Magnetic



Connectivity Wired USB 2.0
Cable Type PVC
Cable Length 1.8 m

Whats in the box

What's in the box? Gaming Keyboard, User Manual





Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 447 x 142 x 28 mm mm
Product weight 808 g
Carton Dimensions 461 x 168 x 53 mm mm
Packaging Weight 1115 g


Warranty Period 2 годы


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