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Игровая мышь с датчиком Pixart 3519 и световыми эффектами RGB

Мышь GM200 — взвешенный выбор практически для любого геймера. Она оснащена датчиком Pixart 3519 с реальным разрешением 4 200 DPI, скоростью слежения 48 IPS и ускорением 10G, что обеспечивает стабильную производительность независимо от того, в какую игру вы играете. Микропереключатель с рабочим запасом в 10 миллионов щелчков делает GM200 долговечным устройством, а диапазон цветов подсветки 16.8M RGB позволяет выбрать подобрать любой цвет на свой вкус.
Pixart 3519 optical sensor with 4200 DPI resolution

Pixart 3519 optical sensor with 4200 DPI resolution

With a motion speed detection up to 48 IPS (inch/sec), the Pixart 3519 works for any type of game. Its acceleration speed of 10G allows you to maximise the efficiency of your mouse movements. The sensor supports USB1.1 Full-Speed and has a programmable report rate of up to 1,000Hz.

DPI (dots per inch) is the measurement of a mouse’s sensitivity, describing how many pixels its pointer moves per inch. A resolution of 4,200 DPI allows you to have precise control in any game, as you can quickly and accurately relocate your cursor.

Connectivity USB - 1.8m PVC cable

Connectivity USB

With a classicSB cable, your mouse can be easily plugged in and is ready for use in seconds. Its length of 1.8 m and PVC insulation fit into any setup.



The GM200 is illuminated with RGB backlight, creating the classic gaming atmosphere. You can choose different colours, depending on which DPI level you set your mouse to.

On the flight DPI switch

On the flight DPI switch

Different games require different settings for your DPI. With an integrated switch, you can easily adjust the sensitivity of your mouse with just one click. The settings are applied immediately, without any delay.

Drivers and Software


Download the G-Tools software for your gaming accessories here. Download

Specifications and possibilities

Product information

Shape Ergonomic, Right handed
Grip Style Palm, Claw
Mouse Button Type Microswitch
Mouse Button Durability 10M L/R Click
Number of Buttons 6
On Board Memory No
Illumination 16.8 million colours
Adjustable Weight System No
Sensor Pixart PWM3519
Sensor Type Optical
DPI 4200 Real DPI
Acceleration 10G
Polling Rate 1000 Hz, 1ms
Operation system Mac, Windows



Connectivity Wired USB 2.0
Cable Type PVC
Cable Length 1.8 m

Whats in the box





Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 357 x 256 x 13 mm mm
Product weight 148 g
Carton Dimensions 405 x 313 x 25 mm mm
Packaging Weight 209.6 g


Warranty Period 2 годы


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