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Monitor features

AOC Gaming monitor features

AOC monitors are equipped with the latest features and offer you everything you need to be on top of the game. Learn everything about our features here.


Why no gamer should be without QHD and UHD resolutions

UHD and QHD are the future of the entertainment industry and we as gamers should start to consider monitors with higher resolutions. We explain why.

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Ultra-fast refresh rate

When looking for a new monitor, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the multitude of specs and numbers. But not to worry, we’ll explain Refresh Rate and what it means to you in detail.

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Adaptive Sync monitor with FreeSync or G-SYNC technology

Whatever your setup, achieve the highest framerate and smoothest display possible via AMD FreeSync Technology. Whether you’re dashing through explosions or screeching around rain slicked bends, wave goodbye to screen tearing and lag – and leave your opponents in your smoothly rendered dust.

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A monitor to match your speed

The general rule of thumb regarding the reaction time is: the shorter the better. To show how a minimal reaction time of a new monitor helps to make the best use of all capabilities, we explain the functionality and advantages of short reaction times.

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